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Welcome to Round & About

We are an independent monthly magazine established in 1991,
serving the islands of Mull, Iona, Ulva and the surrounding area.
Round & About is compiled and printed on the Isle of Mull.
Deadline for submissions, advertising etc - usually 19th of the previous month.
Date of issue normally the last day of the preceding month.
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May issue 2015

Bunessan Easter Races

Most organised races are defined by the distance to be run i.e. 5k or 10k, half or full marathon. The Bunessan Easter Races are defined by their geography, the fact that they are designed to both start and finish at the community fire station in the heart of Bunessan Village. Thus the main race is of two loops: a smaller one of about 1.8 miles and a larger one of just over 5.1 miles; therefore a figure of eight course of just under seven miles. The Loopy Race is run over the larger loop of just over 5.1 miles; and the children’s race is over the smaller loop of 1.8 miles.
Thus it was that on 5th April, a glorious sunny Easter Sunday the adult races both set off at 12.30pm over the two courses, with the children’s race and, for the second year, The Pram Race, setting off fifteen minutes later ... more in the full issue

Photo - Two Easter Bunnies gearing up for the London marathon:
Rhoda MacRae and Babs Whyte

Mull Drama Festival 2015

The Mull Drama Festival was started in 1957. Some people still remember a man called Christie Parks who toured villages in Argyll and Bute encouraging people to start their own drama festivals. On Mull there were performances each night for a week. At that time, although there were a few televisions on Mull, the reception was so bad people didn’t watch it. When the festival was announced there was such a rush for tickets, that there was soon a flourishing black market for them.
This year the audience was treated to a terrific two nights of entertainment. Of the 12 entries, 11 were written by local people, two plays were in Gaelic and 44 children and 13 adults took to the stage. Over 200 people from across Mull came to watch... more in the full issue

Photo © AJ Macleod: Mary Jean Devon and Ryan Lowe in action

Glengorm Rally Time Trial

What a fantastic day’s motor sport. On Saturday 28th March Mull Car Club held the first Rally Time Trial on Glengorm Estate.
Friday evening saw us at Scrutineering in Tobermory at Mackay’s Garage with other formalities in the Distillery shop, thank you John and Graham. Soon over, everyone went to enjoy Tobermory at night.
The weather on Saturday was well typical Mull but nobody cared. I could not believe the support we got from the marshals who came from far and wide but mostly local enthusiasts. They never stopped smiling, and after sign on in Sorne Yard took up their positions ready for inspection... more in the full issue